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Cineplanet 15 has teamed up with DreamMaker to produce the all new Cineplanet 15 pre show!  DreamMaker, an award winning concept to completion digital video production company can produce and place your 12 second static, TV30 or TV60 commercial ad in Cinemascope with full digital 5.1 surround sound to enhance your message to your audience even better than before!


Now your 12 second static, 30 second or 60 second commercial can be produced in Cinemascope filling the entire movie screen by using the same image format and aspect ratio as the Movies with greater image detail and color utilizing Cinema DNG technology!  


The pre show begins 20-26 minutes before the start of the previews looping twice consistently on ALL 15 digital movie screens!  Now you can choose EXACTLY when and where you want your ad to run within the pre show with our new “A to E” Block pricing.  Already have and ad or commercial produced?  Not a problem, we will make sure it reaches your intended audience.


Advertise your business, promote your non-profit organization or make announcements about upcoming events.  Whether your ad is a 12 second still, text animation, or TV commercial, you have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of moviegoers!


Contact DreamMaker today to have your new TV60, TV30 or static ad produced in the Cinemascope format for a more effective ad.

Entertaining movie trivia, seasonal promotions, creative, entertaining and informative ads are just a few of the benefits you can expect from the new Cineplanet 15 Pre Show!


Advertise with us!  Request a Cineplanet 15 Advertising Packet by clicking the email icon below.

The New Cineplanet 15 DCP Cinema Pre show is here!

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Got an ad already?  No problem.  Get it on the Big Screens today.

We can also place your ad on TV and in additional Theaters!  

DreamMaker provides professionally produced, award-winning concept to completion 4K UHD TV commercials utilizing Super 35mm Cameras & compatible lenses, Hollywood style lights & lighting techniques, jibs, sliders, pro audio equipment, professional  narration, original composed music for unlimited licensing, professional editing with visual effects, graphics & sound effects.  We provide EVERYTHING you need for getting your TV commercial released on TV, movie screens, website and social media outlets.  We provide ad agency style concept to completion services for a one-stop shop approach to your production.  

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